The largest and one of the most crucial joints in the human body is the hip joint. We can run, walk, and jump with the help of it. It supports the body’s weight as well as the strength of the powerful hip and leg muscles. With the exception of the shoulder, the hip joint also serves as one of our most flexible joints and offers the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. To get the hip replacement treatment, consult to our Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi. There are many problems associated with hip replacement. You need a proper consultation before going for any surgery.

You can find Delhi’s best hip replacement surgeon for superior orthopedic care. With expertise in performing successful hip replacement surgeries, we offer exceptional treatment proven by our skills, and experience to ensure optimal outcomes. It is essential to take knowledge, precision, and a compassionate approach to restore mobility and enhance the quality of life. Schedule a consultation with a Top hip replacement surgeon for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment.

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi - Dr. Saksham Mittal

You need to look for the best place to go for hip replacement surgery as it is a very important part of the body. Dr. Saksham Mittal who is the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi offers common surgical options to fix the joint, restore function, and relieve discomfort. Moreover, Dr. Saksham Mittal uses minimally invasive hip surgery, hip arthroscopy, the Direct Anterior Approach, and the Posterior Approach. in his treatment of hip replacement. Choose Dr. Saksham Mittal who is a leading hip replacement surgeon in Delhi, and have your surgery effectively.

The synovial membrane, which is a thin tissue covers the hip joint. This membrane in a healthy, functional hip secretes a tiny quantity of fluid which lubricates the cartilage and almost eliminates friction during joint movement. Hip issues and pain arise from the bone ends rubbing painfully against one another as the joint surface ages. The articular cartilage in the hip joint is susceptible to degradation from injury, abuse, and aging because of its structure. Moreover, dislocation, rips, and injuries to the ligaments which support and surround the joint are some more typical hip issues. If you are facing any such issues, you can contact our Hip Replacement Doctor in Delhi. Dr. Saksham will carefully address your situation and will provide the best solution.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgeries in Delhi

There are many types of hip replacement surgeries that occur as per the situation. Dr. Mittal is an expert and joint specialist in all kinds of hip surgeries with dedication and successful operations. Before any kind of surgery, one needs to understand the processes.

Total hip replacement surgery – In total hip replacement surgery, an artificial component is used to replace the hip joint. However, this procedure is typically carried out as part of the management of osteoarthritis or when a person’s hip joint is damaged beyond repair.

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery – In partial hip replacement surgery, often referred to as a half-hip replacement, the surgeon replaces only a portion of the ball and socket joint, which is the head of your femur (thigh bone). Further, this kind of surgery is typically performed on older individuals who have hip-related fractures.

 Hip Resurfacing Surgery – During hip resurfacing surgery, extra bone and fat are removed from the hip. This treatment is often used to restore mobility following an accident or when arthritis has affected the hips.

Why Do You Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

You should undergo hip replacement surgery if your hip joint is worn out. Any injury to the hip joint limits its range of motion, which results in pain. Most people choose to get hip replacement surgery as a result of osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, you must come to us if you have a hip fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, or atypical bone development. Whatever the cause of your hip discomfort or decreased mobility, we will make sure to give you the best hip surgery that will get you back on task. Dr. Saksham Mittal is the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi to provide hip replacement treatment. he is a well-experienced surgeon for carrying our hip replacement surgeries.

If medication or physical therapy is unsuccessful in producing the desired effects for you, you should choose the best hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is a possibility for you if you want to increase your mobility and lessen pain. Furthermore, our surgeon has years of expertise doing hip replacement procedures and is an expert in the field. The effective rate of procedures performed by our recognized specialist Dr. Saksham Mittal is higher. When handling hip trauma situations, Dr. Saksham Mittal takes care to bring forward his vast experience. Additionally, Saksham Mittal is a Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi with the most successful surgeries. If you are looking for hip replacement or knee replacement, we are the best choice.

When to Have a Hip Replacement Surgery?

There are several knee conditions that require urgent check-ups and proper treatment. Besides, as explained by our hip replacement surgeon in Delhi, Hip replacements are frequently performed and are now a standard component of care for many illnesses that affect the hip joint. hip replacement surgery is advised When one experiences:

  • Severe hip pain that is not relieved by conventional treatment.
  • Hip stiffness that limits movement.
  • A hip condition that makes performing simple chores challenging.
total hip replacement surgery in delhi

Reasons Why You Must Choose Dr. Saksham Mittal for Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

For hip replacement surgery it is important to choose an expert surgeon. Dr. Saksham Mittal is a leading Joint Specialist Doctor in Delhi and a Hip Replacement doctor in Delhi. He has many years of professional experience and a wealth of knowledge. His team sensitively manages each unique surgery, providing patients with a secure and upbeat sense of their procedure. Moreover, Dr. Saksham has so far successfully completed numerous operations that have changed people’s lives. Choose us if you are looking for the Best Hip Replacement surgeon in Delhi for hip treatment. and you will get the better aspects of care. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • The diagnosis and treatment of hip difficulties are accurate and tailored to your needs, 
  • Dr. Saksham Mittal is the ideal and best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi to carry out the process effectively.
  • We have top-notch facilities to provide you with desirable services until your treatment is over.
  • We do everything in our power to minimize your wait time and assure a quick recovery.

Hip Replacement Surgery FAQs

Though the majority of hip replacement patients say that they are fully pain-free after 1-2 weeks, some do report being painful after surgery.

You just need to stay under care for 1 to 2 days. Then you can go to your home if your condition is improved.

You can generally sit on the floor for Six months following the surgery. This obviously depends on the technique used during surgery and the use of particular implants. However, it is not advised to do so following a hip replacement due to the possibility of a dislocation in the replacement joint.

Patients are advised to take 2–6 weeks off work, depending on their kind of work. Nonetheless, patients with desk jobs can often return to work faster than those with manual labor jobs or professions that require a lot of standing.

The period of time required for complete recovery varies depending on the patient. Within a month or two, some patients fully recover, while others need a full six months to get back to their normal activity.

Yes, Physical therapy is important to be taken for your recovery from the hip replacement process.

Blood clots, Infections, Fractures, Dislocation, Loosening, or Need for a second hip replacement can be the risks associated with hip replacement.

To know the complete cost of hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Saksham Mittal who is the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi. He will properly guide you in your treatment.

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi